Physical condition of the roll

The roll consists of four membranes. There are entries on all of the face sides, but on none of the dorses. The roll is generally in good condition.

C 61/144 1 - 7 Edward IV (1461-68)


The roll is the last in the Gascon Rolls sequence and the first three membranes covered the first two regnal years of Edward IV's reign, and the final membrane has a note indicating that it covered the seventh regnal year of the reign. As such, with a new dynasty on the throne, and with the prospect of the recovery of the duchy becoming increasingly unlikely, the Gascon Rolls ceased to have any function, and ended abruptly in the second year of the new reign. Why the rolls were revived for two additional entries is unclear, since Gascon exiles still remained in England.

The entries on the roll can be divided into three distinct groups, letters of protection and safe-conduct, grants of land and customs, and grants of offices. Three entries are safe-conducts granted to Bordeaux and Bayonne merchants, and one further granted to two Canterbury men. The safe-conducts granted to Johan Butaud, Johan Coupeau, Pey Lezat and Odet de Bouillon, inhabitants of Bordeaux, and Thomas de Contis of Bayonne, as with those on previous rolls allowed them to come to England to trade. 1 The safe-conduct granted to Walter Hopton and John Bigge of Canterbury was to bring 60 tuns of wine back into England, and is one of the final entries added in 1467. 2

The grants of land, customs and office continue the trend found in roll C 61/143, with grants of items that were no longer in the gift of the kings of England to bestow. The grant to Phélip de Laplace closely followed that made to him in 1455 of writing offices in Bordeaux. 3 Similarly, Ramon Rousseu received a further grant of the office of controller of Saint-Éloi in Bordeaux. 4 Unlike these grants of offices Robert Taberné was the recipient of a grant of the place of Saint-Genès in Médoc, and the English merchant, Robert Jones of the custom on wine called issac. 5 However, since some of these grants seem to be made for the loyalty and good service of the recipients, predominantly Gascons, one must question what is going on here, since there was little hope that the recipients would ever be able to benefit from the grants.

Simon J. Harris.


12 July 1461 . Westm' Westminster . For Phélip de Laplace.

Grant to Platea Phélip de Laplace , originating in the duchy of Aquitaine, of the executory writing office of the castle of the Ombriére of Bordeaux, and the office of keeper of the papers of dead notaries , and also the writing office of the king's court of sovereignty , and the Umbrarie court of the prévôt of the castle of the Ombrière for the term of his life. To hold the same by others in his name as deputy, with all wages, fees, regards and commodities of the offices which are due and accustomed for them, notwithstanding that express mention of the true annual value of the rights, profits, wages, fees, regards and commodities is made. The king has granted this considering all the trouble that Laplace has sustained to preserve his allegiance to the king, and that he came with the king's clerk, the Sanctus Severinus dean of Saint-Seurin , 1 his master, ambassador for the Three Estates of the king's country of Bordeaux, when he came to England at various times for the succour and relief of the same country, crossing the sea many times at great cost and expense, and the dangers connected with the road, and of other great services which he had done to the king, and would do in the future. 2

By p.s., and of the date etc.

Pey du Taste , dean of Saint-Seurin from 1445 to 1460, but he left Bordeaux for England in 1449. Whilst in England he became a member of the king's council.
For an early grant to Laplace, see entry in C 61/141 .

19 October 1461 . Westm' Westminster . For safe conduct.

Letters patent of protection and safe-conduct for one year, by the king's special grace, for Butaut Johan Butaud , Topeau Johan Coupeau , Lesat Pey Lezat and Bolhion' Odet de Bouillon , inhabitants of Burdegal' Bordeaux , their agents and attorneys, to come to England in whatever English ship, or whatever other ship of the king's lieges and friends, and their goods and merchandise, both by land or sea, mounted or on foot, to stay there, trade, and return wherever they wish with the goods and merchandise that they have bought provided that they do not pertain to the Cales' Calais staple, coming and going as often as they like without any impediment, trouble or harm, any marques, counter-marques or reprisals that have been granted, notwithstanding. Proviso that Johan, Johan, Pey and Odet answer to the king for the customs, subsidies and other dues on the goods and merchandise. and conduct themselves well and honestly towards the king, and his people, and do nothing in contempt and prejudice of them, and that they present these letters without delay to the mayors, captains, bailiffs or keepers of any castles, fortalices or towns where they enter or land. It is also provided that if any of Johan, Johan, Pey and Odet infringe the safe-conduct, the king does not wish the others to be prejudiced or damaged by this, but only the one who has made the infringement.

By K., and of the aforesaid date, etc.


29 August 1461 . Cerlebury Charlbury . For Ramon Rousseu.

Grant for life by the king's special grace to Resseu Ramon Rousseu, originating in Burdegall' Bordeaux , in consideration of his good service, and because he has relinquished and lost all his goods and possessions in the king's duchy of Aquitaine because of his fidelity to the English crown, of both the office of the prévôt of the castle of the Umbrarie Ombriére of Burdegal' Bordeaux , the office of controller of Saint-Éloi in Burdegal' Bordeaux , and of the Roqueys house of Rouqueys in the parish of Carinham Carignan , the inter duo maria Entre-deux-Mers , which Pothon, Scaralh Poton de Xaintrailles , a rebel and enemy, lately held within the royal jurisdiction of Entre-Deux-Mers, and the house and Dayran hall of Ayran in the land of Burdegal' Bordelais . To hold the offices and house and hall, with all the rents, revenues and profits, rights, emoluments and commodities, offices, houses and halls, without exceeding the value of 30 a year, any statute, act or ordinance made to the contrary notwithstanding. 1

By p.s., and of the date etc.

For an earlier grant of some of the same offices to the same individual, see entry in C 61/143 .

24 December 1461 . Westm' Westminster . For Robert Taberné.

Grant for life to Taverner Robert Taberné , for his service, of a certain place called San' Genys Saint-Genès in the territory of Maddok Médoc in the king's duchy of Aquitaine, acquired by a certain Byaut Huguet Biaut , the king's adversary, from a certain Pey de Grailly , 1 a Gascon, now deceased without issue of his body, together with all goods, houses, lands and tenements of the same Huguet Biaut in the king's city of Burdegal' Bordeaux and elsewhere in the king's duchy.

By p.s., and of the aforesaid date etc.

A member of the cadet branch of the Grailly issuing from Roger de Grailly , cadet brother of Johan II de Grailly (d. c. 1343) and Archambaud de Grailly (d. 1412).

1 March 1462 . Westm' Westminster . For safe conduct.

To all admirals

Grant of safe conduct for six months to Counteez Thomas de Contis of Baion' Bayonne , who is owed sums of money by certain of the king's subjects in England , at his own request, that he can come into England, reside there, and request, collect and receive, and take legal action for the same sums, and to depart back to Bayonne, freely, and without the impediment of the king or his ministers.

Order to [permit] Contis etc., provided only that he conducts himself well towards the king, and does nothing in contempt of the king and his people.

Year 2 of the reign of Edward IV


28 August 1462 . Westm' Westminster . For safe conduct.

To all admirals, captains, castellans and their lieutenants, collectors of customs, keepers of ports and other maritime places, and also sheriffs, mayors, bailiffs, constables and other officers, ministers, and faithful lieges and subjects.

Grant of safe conduct for six months to Counteez Thomas de Contis of Baion' Bayonne to come into England as in entry 5 .

Year 7 of the reign of Edward IV


20 May 1467 . Leycestr' Leicester . For Robert Jones, merchant.

Grant by the king's special grace to Robert Jones, merchant , for his good service, of the wine custom called issac , levied on wine sold in the taverns of the city of Burdegal' Bordeaux , and also all the profits of the market there. To hold to Jones for his life, taking the profits, emoluments, customs and revenues pertaining to the custom, paying nothing to the king or his heirs, freely and wholly, notwithstanding that no express mention of the true annual value of the issac is made in the letters, or any statute to the contrary.

By p.s., and of the aforesaid date, etc.

Here begins the seventh year of Edward IV .


21 October 1467 . Westm' Westminster . For safe conduct.

Licence to Walter Hopton and John Bigge Bygge of Cantuar' Canterbury , that they can bring 60 tuns of wine from Gascony in whatever ship or ships they wish, into any part of England, to sell it.