1. Principles of Calendaring

1.1 R.F. Hunnisett, Editing Records for Publication, British Records Association, Archives and the User number 4 (1977), chapter 4 (pp. 52-66) is the reference work for the calendaring process, subject to modifications made for the project.

1.2 The calendared text is in English, and is intended to be full enought to replace the original document for most purposes.

1.3 When documents are so important that a calendared version alone is not considered sufficient (subject to the limits of time imposed by the project) then a full transcription and translation will be provided.

1.4 The calendared entry will include all place and personal names from the document, and the original spelling of place and surnames will be recorded.

1.5 All places are be identified in so far as that is possible (see Methods of Calendaring, 2.3).

1.6 The names of the most significant persons are also identified.

1.7 It is assumed that the documents are calendared in Latin. If they are in another language, then that is indicated (see Methods of Calendaring, 2.16).