2.2: Assignment Forms

Assignments of revenues

Entry 27

21 June 1317. Shotley. For Gaston de Insula.

Assignment to Gaston de Insula, for good service, of 3,000l.t.parv. on the péage and customs of Saint-Macaire and Royan, by the constable of Bordeaux for life or until he is provided with property of an equivalent annual value in the duchy or elsewhere for life. The king granted 2,000l.t.parv. to Insula for his good service against Philip of Valois, who has unjustly detained the king’s hereditary rights. The grant is to support Insula’s status, and the details are set out more fully in the king’s letters patent. Afterwards, Oliver de Ingham, seneschal of Gascony, promised in the king’s name to assign to Insula 1,000l.t.parv. of annual rent for life in suitable places in the duchy or elsewhere, as is more fully contained in indentures sealed with the king’s court of Gascony and of Insula, and which have been exhibited before the king. Insula has asked the king for the payment of the 3,000l.t.parv. to be assigned on the péage of Saint-Macaire and Royan, and he wishes to agree to the request.

By K., and it was examined by the council in the last parliament.

Assignment to treat

Entry 12

4 April 1335. London. For treating concerning a betrothal.

Assignment of Oliver de Ingham, seneschal of Gascony and Antonio Uso di Mari, lieutenant of the constable of Bordeaux, to treat with Bernat-Etz, lord d’Albret, about the betrothal and marriage of Amaniu, his first born son, and Margaret, daughter of Edmund [of Woodstock], late earl of Kent, the king’s uncle, and the settling of the dower, marriage portion and gift on account of the marriage and for strengthening the security for the same and doing all other things necessary for the same. The king promises to confirm Ingham and Uso di Mari’s actions.