2.4: Grant Forms

Grant of Land

Entry 19

25 April 1331. Westminster. For Arnaut Gassia.

Grant to Arnaut Gassia of Sancto Johanne, king’s valet, for his long good service of all the land and tenements which belonged to Amalinni de Bedereche in the duchy of Aquitaine, and which were forfeit into the king’s hands. He is to hold the property to himself and his heirs from the king and his heirs and other chief lords of those fees, for the same service that Bedereche held it before the forfeiture.

Grant of quittance from taxation

Entry 87

21 June 1339. Shotley. For the men of Bordeaux.

Grant to the men of the city of Bordeaux, in return for the great costs that they have been put to in defence of the city and of the king’s rights, of quittance for three years from the payment of the custom for wine bought in the Bordelais. This is providing that once the term has elapsed the men of Bordeaux should pay to the king the custom on wine that they buy as used to be paid before this grant.