Although there are similarities between many Gascon and French forenames, like many of the historic regions of what is now southern France, especially those where the 'langue d'oc' language was spoken, the forms used in documents written in Gascon noticeably varied from those standard French forms, and provided some forms unique to the Gascon linguistic area. Many forenames were common to Gascony and the areas speaking an "oc" language, but several forenames did not have the same form. Ex: Bidau (or Vidau) in Gascony was Vidal in Languedoc, Quercy, Agenais, etc.

The list following provides the standard forms used in the calendars. Where there are several variants, all the variants are listed, but the preferred form is given in bold. The more common Latin forms of the forenames are given. Where they exist, French and English equivalents are also given, even if they were not common forms in the medieval period.

Standard Gascon FormsLatinFrenchEnglish
Adam Adam Adam Adam
Adémar, Adhamar, Azémar Ademarus Adhémar Aimer
Agnes Agnes Agnès Agnes
Agnete x x x
Aiquart, Aicart, Ayquart Ayquardus, Aycardus x x
Alain Alanus Alain Alan
Alaman Alamanus x x
Alaria x x x
Alaïtz , Alays, Alais, Halais Alicia Alice Alicia
Aldebert Adalbertus Aldebert x
Alenot x x x
Alixandre, Xandre Alexandrus Alexandre Alexander
Amaniu, Amaneu, Amaneus, Amaniou, Amaniun Amanevus Emmanuel (fr. adapt. as 'Amanieu') Emanuel (very rare form in Medieval England)
Amaneva x x x
Amat, Amatz, Amad Amatus Aimé x
Amaubin Amalvinus (fr. adapt. as 'Amauvin') x
Andriu, Andreu, Andrieu Andreas André Andrew
Aner, Aneir Asenarius (fr. adapt. with the Spanish 'Aznar') x
Anessans, Anissans Asenarius (fr. adapt. as 'Aznar-Sanche' or 'Anissant' x
Antoni, Antony, Anthony Antonius Antoine Anthony
Antoniu Antonius Antoine Anthony
Antonet (dim. of Antoni) x x x
Aquelhon x x x
Arramon, Arremon, see Ramon
Arramonet, Arremonet, see Ramonet
Archambaud, Arcambaudz Archibaldus Archambaud Archibald
Arman Armandus Armand x
Arnauda Arnalda Arnaude x
Arnaudet (dim. of Arnaut) x x x
Arnaut, Arnautz, Arnau, Arnaud, Arnalt, Arnault Arnaldus Arnaud Arnold
Arnauton (dim. of Arnaut) x x x
Arnautuc (dim. of Arnaut) x x x
Arroger, Aroger, Arrogey, see Roger
Arollan, Arolhan, see Rotlan
Arroman, Aroman, see Roman
Arricart, Arriquart, see Ricart
Arricarda, Arricarde, see Ricarda
Arrotbert, Arrobert, Arobert, see Rotbert
Arrostanh, Arostan, see Rostanh
Arrufat, Aruffat, Aruphat, see Rufat
Assalhida , Asailhida x x x
Assarida , Assaride
Assiu, Ayshiu Assinus (fr. adapt. as (Assieu') x
Audoart, Audoard, see also Eudoart Edwardus Édouard Edward
Audoyn Alduinus Audoin x
Auger, Augier, Augey Augerius Auger x
Augerot (dim. of Auger)
Augustin, see Austen
Austen, Hosten Augustinus Augustin Austin
Aymar, see Adémar
Aymeric, Aimeric Almaricus Amaury x
Aymon Aymo Aymon, Aimon x
Ayquem, Aiquem, Ayquems Achelinus (fr. adapt. as 'Eyquem' x
Béatris Beatrix Béatrice x
Bénedeyt, Bénedeit, Beneyt Benedictus Benoît Benet
Benfeyta x x x
Bérart, Bérard Berardus Bérard x
Béraut, Béraud Berardus Bérard x
Berdot x x x
Berduc, see Bertruc
Bergunh, Bergunhs, Bergoinh Burgundus Bourgoin x
Bergunhat (dim. of Bergunh)
Bernat, Bernad, Bernart, Bernard Bernardus Bernard Bernard
Bernadet (dim. of Bernat)
Bernat-Etz, Bernad-Etz, Bernad-Eitz Bernardus Ezii (fr. adapt. as 'Bernard-Ez or Ezi') x
Bernarda, Bernarde
Bernardon (dim. of Bernat)
Bernardot (dim. of Bernat)
Bernin, Bernyn x x x
Bertalon x x x
Bertalot, Barthalot, Bertholot x x x
Berthomiu, Bertomiu, Bartomiu, Berthomiou Bartholomeus Barthélemy Bartholomew
Bertholomiu, Bertolomeu Bartholomeus Barthélemy Bartholomew
Bertran, Bertrans, Bertrand Bertrandus Bertrand x
Bertrana , Bertrane x x x
Bertranet or Bertranot (dim. of Bertran)
Bertranon (dim. of Bertran)
Bertruc, Bertruque, see also Berduc ? x x
Bertrucat (dim. of Bertruc) Bertrucatus x x
Bézian Vezianus x x
Bibian, Bibiaa Vivianus Vivien x
Bidau, Bidal, see also Vidau Vitalis Vital x
Bidalot (dim. of Bidau)
Bidot x x x
Bidon x x x
Biguoros, Bigoros, see also Vigoros Vigorosus 'Vigouroux' x
Binsens, Bisens, Bicens, see also Vincent Vincentius Vincent Vincent
Blanqua , Blanca, Blanque, Blancha, Blanqa Blanca Blanche Blanche
Bonafos, Bonaffos Bonafosus x x
Bonassias x x x
Bonet, Bonnet Bonetus x x
Bonifaci, Boniffaci Bonifacius Boniface Boniface
Bos (a form of Boson) Bosonus Boson x
Brun, Bruns, Bru Brunus Brun x
Brunet (dim. of Brun)
Bruna x x x
Brunissen ? Brunissende x
Carboneu, Carbonneu x x x
Catalina , Cathelina, Cathaline, see also Catharina Catharina Catherine Catherine/Katherine
Catharina, Catherina Catharina Catherine Catherine/Katherine
Cecilia Cecilia Cécile Cecilia
Centol, Sentolh, Centog, Sentoc, Centod Centullus (fr. adapt. as 'Centulle') x
Christoli, Christole, Christoule, Cristoule Christophus Christophe Christopher
Clara , Clare Clara Claire Clare
Claramontine (dim. of Clara)
Clarmont , Clarmontz, Claramontz Claramonta Clarmonde x
Colin (dim. of Nicolau)
Colinet (dim. of Nicolau)
Colom Colombus x x
Coloma, Colomna, Colome x x x
Contor , Condor x x x
Costança , Costance, Costansse, Contance Constancia Constance x
Constantin Constantinus Constantin Constantine
David David David David
Denot, Dinot ? x x
Doat, Doatz, Doad Doatus x x
Dodo Dodo x x
Dolza, Dolce Dulcis Douce x
Domec, Domeg (dim. of Domenges)
Domenges, Domenge, Dominges Dominicus Dominique Dominic
Domenjon, Domenjo, Domenyon (dim. of Domenges)
Duran Durandus Durand, Durant x
Duranot (dim. of Duran)
Duransa , Durance x x x
Ebrart, Ebrard Ebrardus Hébrard x
Elegi, Ylegi Elegius Éloi x
Elena Helena Hélène Helen
Elias, Elia, see Hélias
Emilha Emilia Émilie Emily
Enric, see Henric
Espan, Espa, Espaa x x x
Espanha x x x
Esquivat, Esquivad, Equiad Esquivatus x x
Estèbe, Estève, Estèves Stephanus Étienne Stephen
Esteben, Esteven, (dim. Of Estèbe) see also Steben
Estèphe (another form of Estèbe)
Estèphen, Stephen (dim. of Estèphe)
Eudoart, Euddoart, Edoard, Eddoart, Edoard, see Audoart Edwardus Édouard Edward
Fauquet, Fauket Fulcarius Foulques x
Félip, see Phélip
Floriment Florimundus Florimont x
Flors Flos Fleur x
Fort, Furt, Fors, Fuert, Foert Fortis Fort x
Fortaner, Fortaney, Fortane Fortis-Asenarii (fr. adapt. 'Fortanier') x
Fortin, Fortins, Fortis (dim. of Fort)
Foucaut, Foucaud, Foquaut, Focaut Fucaldus Foucaud x
Francès, Franceys Franciscus François Francis
Galabru x x x
Galharda, Gualharda, Galharde, Garailharde x x x
Galhardon, Gualhardon, Goalhardon (dim. of Galhart)
Galhardet, Gaillardet, Goalhardet (dim. of Galhart)
Galhart, Galhard, Gualhart, Gualhard, Goalhard, Goalhart Gaillardus Gaillard x
Garsens , Gazen, Gasen Garsenda Garsende x
Gassarnaut, Gassarnaud, Gassarnaut, Gasserarnaud Garcia Arnaldi (fr. adapt. 'Garcia-Arnaud') x
Gassie, Gassies, Gassia, Guassias, Garssia, Garssies, Garcie, ... Garcia (fr. adapt. based on the Spanish 'Garcia') x
Gassion, Guassion, Guarssions, Garcion (dim. of Gassie)
Gassiot, Gassio, Gassioo (dim. of Gassie)
Gaston, Gastons, Guaston, Gasto Gasto Gaston x
Gaubert, Guaubert Gausbertus Gaubert x
Gaucem, Guausem, Guausems Gaucelmus Josselin x
Gaucemot (dim. of Gaucem)
Gauter, Guautey, Gotey Galterius Gauthier Walter
Jorge, George, Gorgi, Gorgii Georgius Georges George
Guiraut, Giraut, Geraus, Geraut, Girartz, Girald Geraldus Gérard Gerard
German Germanus Germain x
Gilibert, Gilabert Gilibertus Gilbert Gilbert
Glaude Claudius Claude Claude
Gombaut, Gombaud, Guombaud Gombaldus Gombaud x
Gratian, Gratia, Grassiaa Gracianus Gratien x
Grégori Gregorius Grégoire Gregory
Grimoart, Grimoard Grimoardus Grimoard x
Gui Guido Guy Guy
Guilhem, Guillem, Guilheumes, Guillen Guillelmus Guillaume William
Guilhema , Guillelma, Guilheuma, Guilhemnes, Guilheume
Guilhemet, Guilhemot, Guilhamot (dim. of Guilhem)
Guilhon, Guilho x Guillon x
Guilhonet (dim. of Guilhon)
Guilhot (dim. of Guilhon)
Guilhotin, Guillotin x Guillotin x
Guiraut, Giraut, Geraus, Geraut, Girartz, Girald Geraldus, Giraldus Gérard Gerard
Guirauton (dim. of Guiraut)
Guirauda , Guiraute x x x
Guissarnaud, Guisarnaud, Gaxarnaut, Guixarnaut Guido Arnaldi Guy-Arnaud x
Guissarnauton, Guixarnauton (dim. of Guissarnaud)
Guitart, Guitard Guitardus Guitard x
Hélias, Elias, Helies, Helis, Elyes, see also Élias Helias Élie Ellis/Elias
Heliot (dim. of Hélias)
Henric, Hanrric, Henrric, see Enric Henricus Henri Henry
Harri, Hanrri (dim. of Henric)
Huc, Hug, see also Uc Hugo Hugues Hugh
Hugot, Huguot, Ugot (dim. of Huc)
Huguet, Huget (dim. of Huc)
Hysarn, see Ysarn
Isabe, Isabel, Ysabel Isabella Isabelle Isabella
Iter, Itey Iterius Itier x
Jacmes, Jacme, Jagme, Jaugme, James Jacobus Jacques James
Jacmet, Jacmot, Jacmo (dim. of Jacmes)
Jaufré, Gaufré Godofredus Geoffroy Geoffrey
Jaufrion (dim of Jaufré)
Johan, Johans, Joan Johannes Jean John
Johana , Johanna, Joane
Johanet (dim. of Johan)
Johanicon, Jonicon (dim. of Johan)
Johanicot (dim. of Johan)
Johanon, Johanoo (dim. of Johan)
Johanot, Johannot, Johano (dim. of Johan)
Jordan Jordanus Jourdain Jordan
Julian Julianus Julien Julian
Karle, Karles Carolus Charles Charles
Katarina, see also Catalina
Kathaline, see also Catalina
Lansalot, Lancelot Lancelotus Lancelot Lancelot
Laurens, Laurentz, Laurent Laurentius Laurent Lawrence
Laurensot (dim. of Laurens)
Léon Leonis Léon Leon
Lombarda Lombarda Lombarde x
Lop, Lup Lupus Loup x
Lop-Bergunh Lupus Burgundi x x
Lorc Lorcus x x
Loys, Lois Lodovicus Louis Lewis
Lubat (dim. of Lop)
Lucas, Luchas Lucacius Lucas x
Mabilia , Mabila Mabilia Mabille x
Magdalena Magdalena Madaleine x
Margarida , Margaride, Margarite, Margueride Margarita Marguerite Margaret
Maria , Marie Maria Maria Mary
Mariota (dim. of Maria)
Marquès x x x
Marguesa , Marqueza, Marqueze, Marchesa x Marquise x
Martin, Martins, Marthii, Martii Martinus Martin Martin
Martina, Martine Martina Martine x
Martinon (dim. of Martin)
Matfre x x x
Matha, Mathe, Mate Matha Mathe x
Mathiu, Matiu, Matheu, Mateu Matheus Matthieu Matthew
Maurin, Morin Maurinus Maurin x
Maurinat (dim. of Maurin)
Menaut, Menaud, Monaut, Manaut, Manaud, Monot Menaldus Menaud x
Menauton, Menauto, Menautoo, Manauton (dim. of Menaut)
Mengina x x x
Menginot x x x
Menicot x x x
Menjolet, Mengolet x x x
Menjon, Menyon, Menion, Menyo, … (dim. of Domenjon)
Merlin Merlinus Merlin Merlin
Michelet, Michelot (dim. of Miqueu)
Mignonet, Migonet x x x
Milet x x x
Mingot x x x
Miqueu, Micheu Michael Michel Michael
Miramunda, Miramonda, Miremonda, Mirmanda, … Miramonda Miramonde x
Mondinet (dim. of Ramon)
Mondon (dim. of Ramon)
Mondot (dim. of Ramon)
Monicot x x x
Monin, Monyn x x x
Naudin, Naudi x x x
Naudina x x x
Naudon x x x
Naudonet (dim. of Naudon) x x x
Naudot (dim. of Naudon) x x x
Navar ? x x
Navarrot (dim. of Navar)
Nicolau, Nicholau, Nycholau ? Nicolas Nicholas
Nolin x x x
Nolot (dim. of Nolin) x x x
Nopar x (fr. adapt. 'Nompar') x
Ot, Od, Odd Odo, Otho Eudes, Othon Odo, Otto
Odet (dim. of Ot)
Odicot (dim. of Ot)
Oliber, Oliber, Olivey Olivarius Olivier Oliver
Pascau, Pasquau, Pascoau, Paschau, Paschoau Pascalis Pascal x
Pau Paulus Paul Paul
Perarnaut, Peirarnaud, Pernaud Petrus Arnaldi x x
Peyrotet, Peirotet (dim. of Pey)
Peyroton (dim. of Pey)
Peiruc x x x
Peyrucon (dim. of Peiruc) x x x
Pélegria, Pélegrie Pelegrina Pelegrine x
Pélegrin, Pelegrins, Pelegri, Pelegrii, Pelegris Pelegrinus x x
Pelfort x x x
Pernauton (dim. of Perarnaut)
Perramon Petrus Ramundi Pierre-Raymond x
Perricon, Peyrucon (dim. of Pey)
Perrin (dim. of Pey)
Perrinot (dim. of Pey)
Perrotin (dim. of Pey)
Pey, Peys, Peis, Per, Pes, Pè, Peyres, Peyre, Pee, Perres, ... Petrus Pierre Peter
Peyrolet (dim. of Pey)
Peyron (dim. of Pey)
Peyrona , Peyrone x x x
Peyrot, Peirot, Perrot (dim. of Pey)
Peyrotet (dim. of Pey)
Peyroat (dim. of Pey)
Phélip, Philip, see also Félip Philippus Philippe Philip
Phélipa, Phélipe, Philippa
Phélipot, Phellippot (dim. of Phélip)
Pons, Ponts, Pontz, Ponz Poncius (fr. use. as 'Pons') x
Ponsset, Poncet, Ponset (dim. of Ponts)
Pothon Potonus (fr. use as "Pothon") x
Quiterie Quitteria (fr. use as 'Quitterie' x
Ramfré Ramfredus Rainfroi (fr. adapt. as 'Ramfred') x
Ramon, Remon, Raimon, see Arramon Raimundus, Raymundus Raymond Raymond
Ramonda, Ramonde x x x
Ramonet, Ramoned, Remonet, Ramonat (dim. of Ramon)
Ramunda , Raymunda, Ramunda, Ramonde, Ramunde x x x
Rampnal Ramnulfus Raoul x
Raol Ramnulfus, Radulfus Raoul, Rodolphe Ralph
Reynaut, Reynaud Reginaldus Renaud Reginald
Ricarda , Ricarde x x x
Rixen , Ryxen, Ricssens x x x
Robin Robinus Robin Robin
Robinet (dim. of Robin) x x x
Roman, see also Arroman Romanus Romain x
Rostanh, Rostainh, see also Arrostanh Rostandus x x
Rotbert, Robert, Robbert, see also Arrobert Robertus Robert Robert
Roger, Rodger, Rotger, Rogier, Rogey, see Arroger Rogerius Roger Roger
Rotlan, Rollan, see also Arolhan Rolandus Roland Roland
Rudeu Rudelus (fr. adapt. as 'Rudel') x
Sabaric, Savaric, Savarig Savaricus Savary x
Sans, Sants, Santz, Sanz, Sanxs, Sanx Sancius (fr. adapt. as 'Sanche') x
Sansot, Sansat (dim. of Sants)
Sanssaner, Sansaner Sancius Asenarii x x
Sanssinon, Sansinon x x x
Sansson, Sanssun, Sanson, Sanso (possibly a dim. of Sants) Samson Samson Samson
Sansonet (dim. of Sansson)
Saubat Salvatus Sauveur x
Saubadon (dim. of Saubat) x x x
Séguin, Ségui Seguinus Séguin x
Séguinot (dim. of Séguin)
Sémen Semenus x x
Sémion, Sémyon x x x
Senebrun Senebrunus x x
Senheron x x x
Sicart, Sicard, Siquart Sicardus x x
Simon, Symon, Symons Simon Simon Simon
Simonet (dim of Simon)
Steben, Steven, Steve, see Esteben
Talhefer Taillaferus Taillefer x
Tetbaut, Tetbaud, Tetbauz, Titbaut, Tibaut Theobaldus Thibaud, Thibaut Theobald
Thalès Thalesa x x
Thomas, Tomas Thomas Thomas Thomas
Thomalin (dim. of Thomas)
Thomiu, Thomyu (dim. of Thomas)
Uc, Ug, Ux, see Huc
Ugon (dim. of Huc)
Vidau, Vidal, see Bidau
Vigoros, see Biguoros
Vincent, Vicent, Visens, see Bincens
Visian, see Bézian
Ylegi, see Élegi
Yon, Yuon x x x
Ysabe, see Isabel Isabella Isabelle Isabella
Ysarn Isardus x x
Ybanh, Yvanh Yvanus Yvan x