3. Indexing

3.1 The reference work for the indexing process is R.F. Hunnisett's Indexing for Editors, British Records Association, Archives and the User number 2 (1972), subject to any modifications decided upon for the project.

3.2 Word-by-word alphabetisation has been used in the index (Indexing for Editors, pp. 96-102).

3.3 Place-names are identified in the index by being followed by the names of the ancient county (UK before the 1974 local government re-organisation, and the Irish Republic), or the arrondissement and département and arrondissement. Abbreviated forms of county neames in the UK and the Irish Republic are set out in Appendix ...

3.4 The rules for the indexing of individuals follow Indexing for Editors (Ch. IV, pp. 38-72), subject to the agreed variations for non-English, especially Gascon, names.

3.5 There are three indexes: persons, places and subjects.

3.6 The calendar is indexed by roll piece-number and entry or sub-entry, e.g. 31: 13.2; 33: 7. The introduction is indexed by page.